Why Choosing Inflatable Boats Over Traditional Boats

For those of you that spend your leisure time in or on the water, there is a good possibility that you either have or have thought about having an inflatable boat.

Inflatable boats can be very useful for many different reasons and now we are going to take a look at the advantages that an inflatable boat has over the more traditional form of boat.

What Are The Uses Of an Inflatable Boat?

useful inflatable boatThe Navy first saw the advantages of using inflatable boats a long time ago. They used them for the transport of personnel, weaponry and cargo between ships or from ship to shore. They are used regularly by the Marines for the purpose of silent insertion of troops for reconnaissance patrols and suchlike.

Soon, other services followed suit and inflatable boats were being used by the coastguard, the lifeboat services and the police and also as tenders for larger boats and yachts.

It wasn’t long before they were being used recreationally for a whole host of activities such as scuba diving, fishing and different water sports.

The Benefits of an Inflatable Boat

There are many benefits to choosing an inflatable boat over a traditional boat and we will look at some of these now.

First of all, an inflatable boat is much lighter than a traditional hard-bottom and hard-sided boat. This makes it much easier for transporting both to your destination and once you get there. It doesn’t need to be towed; in fact it can be packed away and carried, either in your car or even on the roof of it. Once you reach the water, an inflatable boat will be much easier to maneuver in and out of the water.  One person could probably do this on their own.

Stability is sometimes a concern for people when it comes to choosing an inflatable boat. They are worried that when it comes to standing in it, it will be a very unsteady experience for them. This is actually a common but unnecessary worry. The fact is that inflatable boats are more steady and stable than hard boats. This is because there is a certain amount of flexibility in them that makes them steadier.

Inflatable boats also have buoyancy tubes and they make the boat lie flatter in the water. Therefore, it is practically impossible to turn over an inflatable boat. This is great news for anyone who is a bit nervous about being in a boat on water and is also particularly handy for scuba divers who need to exit the boat smoothly and then climb back into the boat when they have finished their dive.

Reasons For Choosing An Inflatable Boat

Depending on what you are going to use your boat for will greatly influence your choice when it comes to choosing. You may still be considering a hard boat made from fiberglass, wood or aluminum but when you look at the advantages, it is likely that you will definitely consider an inflatable boat the better choice.

inflatable boat for childrenIf you will be using the boat for fishing, then we have already discussed the advantages of transportation and the ease with which you can access and get out of the water. You will not even need anyone with you if you wish to be a solitary fisherman. When you are on the water, an inflatable boat will give you a much more relaxing experience than a hard boat.

It could be that you have a yacht and you require a tender for it. There are some things to take into consideration when choosing your tender. First of all, an inflatable boat is far less likely to scratch or damage your yacht because of the softer materials used in its manufacturing!

Secondly, inflatable boats are much more lighter than hard boats and this will make it much easier to bring on board and also to set in the water. Inflatable boats can still have outboard engines attached to them if you want that bit of power. With a large outboard attached they can actually be quite speedy.

It is still advisable and, in fact, mandatory to wear life jackets and also to carry paddles in case the engine fails for some reason.

All Purpose Inflatable Boats

Whilst you are choosing and deciding upon your inflatable boat, you might like to consider the fact that many of these boats are multi-purpose in their design. They have certainly come a long way since the early days when they were just basically blow-up boats.

Nowadays you can get just about any design of boat to suit your needs. There are canoes, kayaks, rowing boats and speed boats. You can attach outboard engines to them and sit comfortably while you participate in whichever activity you desire.
So have a good look at what is on offer and, when you have made your choice, enjoy yourselves!

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