Why You Should Buy an Inflatable Bed

Having an inflatable bed inside your home can offer comfortable sleep to your overnight guests. This kind of bed is very easy to keep, unnoticeable, and can easily be inflated any time.

inflatable bed

There are numerous types that are available in the market and all can be categorized as guest beds. The inflated bed or air bed is considered as a thing that every household must have during the times an unexpected visitor or even an expected visitor arrives.

Being constructed for both durability and comfort, having an inflatable bed is way cheap compared to having a roll away bed, and definitely better than having to sleep on the hard floor. Air beds, which are constructed for kids, cope well with the conventional crib bedding and bigger sizes can manage well with comforter sets with same size.

For unexpected, planned visits of friends or relatives, or fun activities of children such as sleepover parties, an air bed can suddenly become a definite must have to all households.

Camping Inflatable Beds

Even though inflatable beds are available in numerous types, you should choose the type which is good for camping with your family or friends. Because when your are camping, folding, dragging, and packing this bed away will be done regularly. Thus having a durable inflatable bed is better.

You must purchase beds with different sizes when needed to ensure that the entire floor of your tent will be covered. This would be very ideal but the type of air bed you will choose will depend how you like your tent to be set up.

To enable you to inflate your bed, you need to use an electric pump. Do not think that of inflating your bed by just using your mouth or hand pump as it will never work and you would just be wasting your effort. Based on the type of power source, there are three kinds of electric pump that are available, which you can use in inflating your air bed.

1. Battery powered pump (using battery like the 4 D type)

2. Car battery-powered pump (using cigarette lighter)

3. Electric powered pump (using electric outlet)

Though the car battery and battery powered pump mentioned above works to some point, it is better to utilize the third choice when possible. One reason for this is because most battery powered pumps do not really have the strength to properly inflate your bed. Because of this, you might end up having a bed, which gives “ mushy ” feeling resembling a water bed rather than firm bed. However having “ mushy ” bed is better than sleeping on hard surface or over rocks.

You may search for inflatable bed with great deals on eBay.com and Amazon.com. Going to Walmart is a great option when looking for camping gear that is very affordable. When you are searching for cheap camping gear, you must look for beds that are of good quality and can last for a longer period of time.

Inflatable Sofa Bed

A sofa bed that is inflatable can also be a good option in handling circumstances such as the one mentioned above. Having this bed is considered as reasonable and practical method in getting comfort while camping or traveling. You no longer need to experience sleeping in your tent and feeling uncomfortable with rock hurting your back.

Having this kind of sofa bed will make you sleep much better compared when you are sleeping in your conventional bed at home. You might be wondering how come this bed can offer you a good sleep. This is because of the materials used on it. The fresh air packs system put on the whole surface of this bed will prevent you sinking on it. Your own back will also benefit as it will be placed in a straight position, therefore you will experience much less neck and back pain when you wake up.

It can also be very useful when you hold a gathering or party in your home and you lack chairs or sits. This bed is inflated easily by using the special pump included in the package.

Benefits of Owning an Inflatable Bed

Having an inflatable bed offers a lot of benefits. If you are planning to purchase inflatable beds and you like to know more about the product then this articles suits your needs. We will tackle 5 good reasons why you should own an inflatable bed.

We will cover some tricks and tops in getting the best deals around as well. After reading the whole article you already have a good understanding why it is a wise decision for everybody to purchase an inflatable bed. You might even wonder how come you never included it in your must have items’ list.

1. Easy and fast setup – Most of the available air beds in the market are equipped with inflating tool. You no longer have to endure long hours trying to inflate your bed using the traditional hand pump and other tiring methods of inflating beds. With the self-inflating tool, all you need to do is plug it then after few minutes your mattress is ready and you can sleep comfortably. When inflating the bed you can apply the same method, making the setup process and the storage process easy and fast.

2. Experience a sound sleep – An inflatable type of mattress offers great comfort. Since you are being supported with air cushion, the bed adapts to your body ‘ s shape not like those conventional beds that are commonly used, which can provoke pressure points and make you feel uncomfortable. You might find that you experience a sound sleep when using inflatable bed of high quality compared when you sleep in your conventional bed.

3. Can be easily folded and stored – Having a bed, which do not occupy space if not being used is a great thing especially when you only have small space. Most of these beds are equipped with nice storage bags that will hold the bed when they are not being used. Having a good inflatable bed no longer requires you in devoting a whole room as guest room. This mattress can easily be set up in your computer room, den, or other vacant places whenever you have guests.

4. Durable – Choosing inflatable bed that is of high quality can last for a long period of time. Those made of materials that resistant to tough puncture will provide years of good service. Most of these beds include repair kit that you can use whenever your bed get punctured or torn. You just have to follow the instruction given by the manufacturer then you can continue using your air bed.

5. Pocket-friendly – Purchasing an entire set of mattress and a bed frame can be a very costly move in offering your visitors a nice space to sleep comfortably. Going for a good air bed is cost effective and a wise decision. The price of this air bed typically ranges from $100 up to $300 based on the specific features that you need from it. If you search thoroughly, you might even get great deals on air beds that will only cost you below $100, which will save you a lot. With the numerous benefits that inflatable bed offers you will surely get your money’s worth.


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