What Are Air Dancers and Why Are They Used in Advertisement

The innovation in advertising field has grown up to a larger extent. Now a day, business owners are trying different and unique techniques to advertise their products. In fact, with the vast advancement in the technology, business owners also want their advertisements to be new and eye-catching for their consumers.

One such tool is the air dancer. The air dancer is also known as inflatable dancer, sky dancer or tube man. It looks like a man with hands, head and legs, all made up of inflatable materials.

Utility of Air Dancers

air dancers inflatable tube manThe air dancers are made in large sizes, and they are usually placed before shops, carnivals, parties, functions or shopping malls to attract the attention of people.

They can also be used in family parties for fun and amusement. They are especially loved by the kids in such parties.

Blowers are used to blown up these sky dancers and a fan is constantly used beneath it to keep it flying naturally.

Air dancers have been in the market since the end of the last century and they are being used for different occasions. They are easily visible from long distance due to their three dimensional structure and great height.

From the business perspective, you can also print the title and address of your business on the body of the sky dancer to spread awareness about your business.

In this way, these inflatable dancers draw the attention of people with their sprightly dance full of energy.

These can be used on the following occasions:

  • For business purpose
  • Music concerts
  • Holiday parties
  • At sports events
  • In various festivals and celebrations
  • For other indoor and outdoor events


How to make the Air Dancers look more attractive

In fact, there are several innovative techniques to make the air dancers look more appealing and charming to the people. For instance, you can buy or make it colorful to look more fantastic.

You can also modify it to look like the product you are selling or make it similar to a cartoon or even a super hero like Spider man, Batman, Ben10 etc. well, there are limitless innovations, you can opt to make the air dancer look more attractive to draw the attention of people passing by the road.

What you should look before purchasing your Air Dancer

First of all, you must check the guarantee period, however, they usually lat longer than the original guarantee period if you use them carefully. The next important aspect is the material used to make the air dancer.

As a matter of fact, they must be good enough to withstand the heat, humidity or rain in the open environment. Finally, you can check the design and color of the air dancer so that it must compliment your party or business theme.

Size and design of Air Dancers

As far as the design and size are concerned, sky dancers are available in different shapes and sizes. From very small to very tall, air dancers height ranges from 5 feet to more than 20 feet.

Some have both the hands and the legs while the others come up with only legs or hands. They normally have painted hair, mouth and eyes to make them look a bit alive.

These sky dancers also come up in custom a design, which means that you can order the makers suggesting them to modify the product according to your requirements so that you can easily use them.

Our Pick: LookOurWay 6ft Air Dancer Tube Man

Today, market is full of air dancers offered by various known manufacturers. However, we recommend you to buy this air dancer. Let’s describe why we recommend it.

This air dancer is 6 feet in height and it is available with all the equipment to make it operational right away. So you don’t need to bother about buying a blower to make it run. Since the height is similar to a real man’s height, you can utilize it in many ways.

You can make it stand in a field if you want to keep the foreign invaders like birds and animals away from your field. Being a 6 foot ‘er, you can conveniently put it inside in the garage or a house.

It is like a one-time purchase and you can use it again and again after wrapping it and re-installing it. So, it is really easy to use.

The high strength polyamide nylon silk w/added tarpaulin (parachute-like non-rip) material is used to make it and it turns it into a stable and sleek air dancer that can resist all the harsh weather conditions.

This material is also water proof and you can easily use it in extreme rainy areas. It is a good addition to your party or you can also gift it to someone you love the most.

Very economical compared to most other air dancers.
Durable and long-lasting.
Available in many different colors.
No need to use a blower.
Free shipping within United States.
Short in height.

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