10 best inflatable hot tubs in 2019 – Review and Guide

We all want to add luxurious items to our life. Going to spas is one of the best ways to relieve the stress. Majority would like to go to spas but couldn’t for a number of reasons. Here come the inflatable hot tubs into play. These inflatable tubs are portable and can be placed wherever you want- whether outdoor or indoor.

These portable hot tubs consist of jets that provide hydrotherapy to relax and comfort aching muscles and bones. These hot tubs come up with some great features.

Every inflatable hot tub is comprised of a water filtration system that ensures the cleanliness of spa water. It has a heating system that can warm the water within 20 minutes and it also creates bubbles on the surface.

You can also add chemicals to keep the water clean and clearer. The manufacturer will usually specify which type of chemical to use in their brand of inflatable hot tub.

Inflatable hot tubs are becoming very popular and they’re replacing the normal in-place units. The reason is that they offer various advantages and benefits including durability, lower price, fast heat-up system, space saving, no requirement of construction, high levels of luxury, ease of installation, preserving water temperature, less use of electricity and water, therapeutic and arthritic benefits for patients, no need of plumbing or maintenance and portability.

These portable devices are available in different designs and types to meet the expectations of buyers. You can also find different shapes and sizes of these inflatable hot tubs. If you’re planning a vocational trip or picnic with family or friends, you can bring it with you. And these are also less expensive than the traditional hot tubs.

Now we are going to review the 10 best inflatable hot tubs. All these products are available on Amazon. So, let’s start our journey.

1. Coleman Lay Z Spa Inflatable Hot Tub

coleman lay z spa
Thanks to a blend of top quality built, affordability, and Coleman’s reputation for both its products and customer service, Coleman Lay Z Spa Inflatable Hot Tub is one of the most popular inflatable tubs available in the market.

With the dimensions of 32 x 22 x 24 inches and 88 pounds weight, it is suitable for 4 to 6 persons. It is made by two layers of PVC which are reinforced with a single layer of polyester mesh in between.

It is covered with fabric coated material on all the sides which bring comfort to the people sitting inside the tub. The pool cover has an aluminum foil that keeps it warm all the time. It is made by green faux-leather material. The cover also acts as a safety feature because it prevents the kids entering the pool.

It is accompanied by a Rapid Heating System that maintains the temperature up to degrees. It is also equipped with an integrated water filtration and Lay-Z-Massage system which not only enhances the comfort but also softens the skin.

The other things in the package include a DVD explaining all the main aspects of the hot tub, a ground cloth, a filter system to keep the water clean and fresh, a heavy duty repair patch kit, an inflation hose and a chemical floater. It can hold about 211 gallons of water. Thanks to a soft touch panel, it offers full and easy control over the functions.

It is equipped with its own pump that will keep it inflated while at the same time; you can enjoy warm and bubbly water. When you are using the bubbles, the water heater will shut off. At the bottom of the pool, there is a ring that helps to create bubbles naturally. However, if the temperature outside the pool is low, you’ll lose heat if you’ll use the bubble feature because the air is sucked into the filter from the outside.

The setting up of the hot tub is quite easy and you’ll get all the information in the DVD. The prime thing is to set up the tub on a flat surface. It can be used both outdoor and indoor. However, if outside temperature is less than degrees, the heater will shut off to protect the heating unit. Just lay out the drop cloth. Set up your tub, fill it with water and heat it up to your desired temperature. You can also use the chemical to keep the water algae free and fresh.

To drain the hot tub after use, you just need to connect the drain plug to a garden hose and all the water will flow into it. To deflate, you just have to pull the plug to deflate the hot tub.

Rapid heating system.
Cheap in price.
Leathered exterior and sturdy built.
No built-in seats.
Control panel is a bit tough to read during the day light.
Risk of being leak through tiny holes.

2. Intex 77-Inches PureSpa Portable Bubble Massage Spa Set

intex pure spa portable
If you want to enjoy unwinding and bubbling water, Intex 77-Inches PureSpa Portable Bubble Massage Spa Set is the perfect choice for you.  Without deflating your budget, you can calm your tired muscles in warm bubbly water.

It is one of the bestsellers on the internet which clearly depicts its credibility and authenticity. With the help of digital control panel, you can control the temperature of the water. The panel is covered with plastic to avoid any accident. The water in the hot tub heats up to 104 degrees!

The diameter of the tub is 77 inches, inner diameter is 58 inches and its height is 28 inches. It can hold about 210 gallons of water. It weighs slightly over 100 pounds.

The tub can be covered by a shield and it keeps the bugs out and it can be positioned securely with a robust self-locking system. It is suitable for 4 to 6 persons.

With the help of chlorine tablet computers, the drifting container releases chlorine into the water to keep it fresh and algae free. You get first supply of chlorine when you buy the hot tub.

It comes up with a great water filtration system. The water travels through the magnetic field in the filter cartridge to get filtered. It has two fine cartridges which are really easy to replace. You can also buy new ones on a very affordable price. These filters keep the water fresh and clean. It has a hard water treatment system that makes it smooth for the skin.

It is equipped with 120 bubble jets present on the sides of the hot tub. It has an insulated ground cover which helps it to keep insulated and prevent the heat loss.

It is really easy to repack the hot tub. You can easily remove the water and deflate the tub. It comes up with strong and steady handles to carry it. You can use it both indoors and outdoors.

Very easy to set up manual cleaning of water, bugs, etc.
Cost effective.
Heating unit turns off immediately.
It can be easily relocated outside or inside.
DVD offers all the essential information.
Filter creates a low buzz.
It is really strong when the bubbles get activated.
The balloon system is a little bit loud.
Tube walls might have issues.

3. SaluSpa Miami AirJet Inflatable Hot Tub

salus spa miami airjet
It is an economic hot tub that can accommodate up to 4 persons. Whether you want to install it inside or outside, you don’t need any professional to do this. In fact, the installation is really convenient. Just unpack the package, read the manual, follow the instructions.

You will get the hot tub inflated within only ten minutes. After that, you can use it. However, it is a bit smaller and holds less water as compared to the contemporary hot spas.

Bestway Miami offers the best digital control panel which is located at the top of inflated tub and heating system. You can easily access all the functions through this digital system.

The great thing is that you can operate the panel without coming out of the hot spa. Along with the hot spa, you will get an air cushion that will protect your spa from the debris underneath.

Its dimensions are 71 x 71 x 26 inches and it weighs around 53.9 pounds while the shipping weight is 71.3 pounds. It can hold 177 gallons of water.

It is built by 3-ply Tritech fabric. A polyester mesh core is enclosed between two layers of PVC. This material helps it to survive against the pinches and nudges. The I-Beam Technology helps the people to sit in the tub without pushing the walls.

You can also auto lock the system for five minutes. If you want to get back to the normal position, you will have to hold the button down for 3 seconds. You can control the temperature by left and right side buttons with an arrow. So you can easily increase or decrease the temperature.

To relax the tired muscles and body, the hot spa offers 81 inner jets present inside the hot tub to create the bubbles. The heat pump warms the water up to 104 degrees. It also helps to maintain the perfect temperature. Furthermore, when it will reach the maximum temperature, it will automatically switch off.

It also comes with an instructions DVD, a chemical floater, a cover and a filter cartridge. It is also equipped with a repair kit. For instance, if you get your hot tub leaked, you can use tap and glue from the repair kit to make your hot tub useable again.

Easy to install.
Bubble massage.
It is really strong.
Cost effective.
Easy to operate control panel.
DVD offers all the essential information.
Built-in massage system.
Walls made by sturdy beams.
Heating unit turns off immediately.
The hose seems a little flimsy.
Leaking risk.
Built in filters may have rare problems.

4. SaluSpa Palm Springs AirJet Inflatable 6-Person Hot Tub

salus spa springs airjet

It is considered as one of the best hot tubs used for 6 persons in such an affordable price. Palm Springs falls into the category of Air Jet offered by SaluSpa. They work on a quite basic theme but they still offer enough heat and bubbles to relax all the body muscles.

It is really easy to set up. And we do agree with this claim of the manufacturer. You don’t need any wrench or screw driver to install it. It is just plug-and-play type of hot tub. You can get it inflated and installed in less than an hour.

When it is inflated, connect the heating unit. After that, fill it with the water and there you go. Place it on a flat surface. The Palm Springs are really durable and don’t get punctured easily. You just have to connect the heating unit with a 120V electric supply.

Its dimensions are 77 x 77 x 28 inches and it weighs around 76.5 pounds while the shipping weight is 88.8 pounds. It can hold 254 gallons of water.

The heating system heats up the water up to 104 degrees with two to three degrees per hour. The insulated cover will help to heat up the water quickly and it will also maintain the warmth of water. You can turn on the heater and bubble massage at the same time.

Compared to other contemporary hot spas which come with both salt and hard water filtration system this model only comes with a single filtration system. You can either use chlorine or bromine tables to keep the water fresh and germ free. With the help of automated filter system it helps to remove hair and other small debris from the water.

The control panel is attached to the hot tub and you can easily access it from within the tub. The LED is quite bright and easily visible during the day light.

The manufacturer claims the capacity of 6 persons, however, in my opinion, 4 persons can easily sit in this hot tub. If there are six persons, there will not be enough legroom to enjoy the soak as your legs will be touching each other.

The company offers months hose leakage warranty. The Bestway SaluSpa Palm Springs AirJet Inflatable Hot Tub is an inexpensive and reliable option for those who are looking for a relaxing spa experience at home.

Durable and sturdy built up.
Bubble massage.
Easy to operate control panel.
Very affordable.
No adjustable hydro jets.
Heating unit turns off immediately.
The hose seems a little flimsy.

5. Coleman 71″ x 26″ Portable Spa Inflatable 4-Person Hot Tub

It is the perfect portable hot spa you can take anywhere. The massage jets and cushioned floor provide you the ultimate fun, amusement and of course, relaxation. You can pamper yourself in the soothing hot water. Like all other Bestway hot tubs, it is also plug-and-play type of hot tub.

It is made by 3-ply PVC which increases its durability and comfort. The I Beam lets you sit comfortable in the hot spa.

Its dimensions are 34.5 x 18.7 x 24 inches and it weighs around 73.1 pounds while the shipping weight is 84.0 pounds. It can hold 192 gallons of water.

You can set up the hot tub in less than an hour. It just takes a few minutes to inflate. The rapid heating system quickly warms the water. Since it is for four persons, it comes up with 60 air jets producing the bubbles.

The control panel is available on the side of the hot tub and you don’t need to step out of the tub to change the temperature or other settings. You can adjust all the necessary functions through the control panel and the great thing is that it is clearly visible even in the day light.
It takes about 24 hours to reach the temperature of 104 degrees.  Thick thermal protective ground cloth keeps the water warm and also protects the tub.

It is equipped with a chemical floater that keeps the water hygienic, germ and algae free so that you can enjoy fresh water all the time. You also get two filter cartridges which you can use in the filter. However, if you want to buy new ones, those are also available on affordable price.

There is a cover that you can use when you’re not using the tub so that the water remains warm.
What you need is to place the hot tub on a flat surface, follow the manual instructions, fill it with water and let it heat up. It can warm the water up to 104 degrees.

The company offers 1 year warranty for this product. It is great treat for your partner and friends and you can enjoy your weekend with your loved ones.

Durable and sturdy built up.
Bubble massage.
Easy to operate control panel.
Not very large.
Only 1 year warranty.
The hose seems a little flimsy.

6. Intex Pure Spa 6-Person Inflatable Portable Heated Bubble Hot Tub | 28409E

intex pure spa
If you want to enjoy the ultimate luxury and you are not worry about spending a few more bucks then this hot spa is the perfect choice for you.

It easily accommodates 6 persons. It is not only large but it is really large. After a long day’s work at office, it is best thing you can do. Or you can enjoy vacation with your family outdoors or indoors.

It is available with an insulated cover that protects the hot tub from any heat loss. You can easily cover your hot tub after the use and it also helps to save electricity. The hard water treatment system not only smoothes the water but also reduces the lime scale build-up.

What I liked the most about this particular model is the addition of cup holders and inflatable head rest. I just love these features. You can place glasses of bear in cup holders and enjoy the sunlight while resting your head on the inflatable head rest. Simply just awesome!

Its dimensions are 34.2 x 24.2 x 20.5 inches and the shipping weight is 115.6 pounds. It can hold 290 gallons of water.

It is equipped with 140 air jets while the other models usually have 120 air jets. So you can expect a huge number of bubbles forming. It comes up with thermal ground cloth that provides it the maximum insulation when it comes into contact with the surface.

A floating chemical dispenser is also available with twin filter cartridges. After using them, you can also buy extra on affordable prices.

For simple transportation, it is also equipped with two sturdy handles so it is really easy to carry.
You just have to place it on a flat surface, fill it with the water and let it heat up the water. The LED panel helps you to set all the essential things.

It is quite easily reachable as compared to other contemporary models. All in all, it is a complete deluxe massage spa set available at a very affordable price.

Really large size .
Deluxe massaging.
Easy to operate LED control panel.
Cup holders and inflatable head rest.
Filter located inside the tub and it is tough to change it.

7. Intex PureSpa Plus Bubble Massage Set Blue/White

intex pure spa bubble massage
Thanks to the manufacturers of this hot spa, you can melt away your daily stress. It is the perfect choice to sooth your tired muscles at the weekend.

With the summer approaching, you can buy this affordable product and enjoy warm bubbly water.

As far as the build of this model is concerned, it is made by puncture-resistant 3-ply laminated material which provides it ultimate comfort, strength and durability. Also, the I Beam technology helps to sit comfortably.

It comes up with LED control panel. You can easily set the temperature by using the up and down buttons. The control panel looks awesome at the night due to its vibrant color display and the great thing is that it is easily readable even in the bright sun light. You don’t need to step out of the tub to adjust the temperature or other settings as you can do it from inside the tub. The control panel is quite close to the tub.

You will find no jets but ring for the bubble creation. However, it offers an amazing and soothing massage feeling.

Its dimensions are 34.2 x 23 x 20.2 inches and it weighs around 102.0 pounds while the shipping weight is 110.0 pounds. It can hold 210 gallons of water.

It is equipped with easy-to-replace Filter cartridges, and you can easily change the cartridges when they are used. It is available with filtration system with 4 Filter cartridges and 10W hard water system. You can use chlorine to keep water fresh, germ free and algae free. You can buy extra from the market on affordable price. It also has a carrying bag so you can take it to anywhere like vocational trip or picnic.

The setting of the hot spa is quite easy and an adult can inflate it within 30 minutes. It takes about 24 hours to reach the maximum temperature of 104 degrees. However, you must keep it covered so that the heat doesn’t lose. You just have to watch the DVD for the instructions to set up the hot tub and there you go.

As far as the seating capacity is concerned, I think it is enough for 3 persons and might be a third but if 4 persons will sit in it, it would be a bit congested. However, you can use it for 4 persons.
All in all, it is a great deal that you should never miss.

Great massaging.
Easy to operate LED control panel.
Great built.
Small size.
Leakage issue.

8. SaluSpa Paris Inflatable Hot Tub w/ LED Light Show

salus spa paris
Earlier on, it was known as Lay-Z-Spa Paris. This model is still manufactured and distributed by the Bestway. The company claims the capacity of 6 persons for SaluSpa Paris, but realistically and, in my opinion, it is perfect for 4 persons.

It comes up with the new Bestway rapid heating system ensuring quick and efficient warming of the water.

The dimensions of SaluSpa Paris are 77 x 77 x 26 inches and it weighs around 76.1 pounds while the shipping weight is 86.0 pounds. It can hold 250 gallons of water.

The amazing and stunning feature is the LED light show. It is available in seven different vibrant colors that surely enhance the overall beauty of the hot spa. You can also set it to play all the lights simultaneously one after the other, thus making it the prime choice for any evening pool side party. Now let’s move to the rest of the features.

It is equipped with 87 powerful bubble jets that create enough bubbles to give you a soothing and relaxing massage. So they make it a perfect choice for a warmth weekend massage. A thermal insulated blanket is included in the package to place under the hot spa. Water treatment is done by a floater that is also in the package.

You can set the programmer for the heater water duration and this feature is really cool and it is absent in other hot spas.

The rapid heating system heats up the water to 104 degrees at the rate of 2C per hour so it takes about 24 hours to reach the maximum temperature of 40C. But when you think of the amount of water it has to heat up then you will think that it is satisfactory. This in reality is what most other hot tub models manage to achieve.

But the shortfall is that you can’t play the two functions at the same time; heater and bubble jets. You will have to close one system for the second to operate.

To install the tub, you don’t need special tools or the electric supply. Like other most of the Bestway models, it is just plug-and-play type of hot spa. You have to just place it on a flat surface and inflate it. After that, let the rapid heating system heat the water up and there you go. You can easily deflate it and keep it inside during the winter or when you are not using it.

The bottom line is that it is a great deal especially the light show.

Light show is great.
Bubble massaging.
Easy to operate LED control panel.
Strong and sturdy built up.
Good material used.
Small size, not for four persons.

9. SaluSpa Hawaii HydroJet Pro Inflatable Hot Tub

This Bestway model is for those people who are looking for something extra than just an ordinary inflatable hot tub. It is equipped with 8 powerful hydrotherapy jets plus a ring of 120 bubble jets, just offering the maximum pleasure. Overall, it offers a complete built in Jacuzzi experience that you never had with these hot tubs.

Formerly it was known as Lay-Z-Spa Hawaii, and now the company has named it as SaluSpa Hawaii. The square shape not only makes it visually attractive but it also offers a feeling of extra space to the users.
With the introduction of this model, it is quite clear that Bestway is heading towards making the best in the market.

First of all, it is one of those few hot tubs in the market that that offer bubble and hydro-massage jets at the same time. All in all, it just provides a real and powerful spa experience. Since there are 2 jets on either side of the hot tub so they are directional for precise body targeting.

The dimensions of SaluSpa Hawaii are 71 x 71 x 28 inches and it weighs around 76.5 pounds while the shipping weight is 164.0 pounds. It can hold 222 gallons of water.
It is equipped with an efficient hard water treatment system. This system not only keeps the water soothing for the skin but it also increases the life of the unit because hard water can damage the unit with the passage of time.

Amazingly, it is also equipped with salt water treatment system to keep the water clean and fresh. In this way, you don’t need to use too much of chlorine because this system will the water fresh naturally. However, all these systems don’t mean that the tub will keep it clean itself; you also need to keep an eye to keep the water clean and clear.

Like all other hot tubs, it normally heats up the water at 2 to 3 degrees per hour; however, you can increase it by covering the hot tub with a blanket. If the temperature outside is less, it can take more time to reach the maximum 40 degrees.

SaluSpa Hawaii is equipped with a built in timer that helps you to set time up to 99 hours in advance. Without any doubts, it is a great feature. So if you are out of the home, set the timer and when you’ll be back, your hot spa is ready for you.

It is manufactured by a puncture resistant 3-ply PVC material. A polyester mesh sheet is also used to protect the inner lining. It is really strong and soft, too.
You can wrap it easily after the use. Just deflate it and keep it inside during the winter.

Strong and durable.
Bubble and hydro jet massaging.
Easy to operate LED control panel.
Good material used.
A bit expensive.

10. MSpa B-130 Camaro 4-Person Inflatable1 Spa with Smart Inflation

It is manufactured by high quality laminated PVC that provides it extra strength and durability. Normally, the luxury hot spas cost around $1500 but this amazing hot tub is available in half of that price.

It is suitable for 4 persons and it is equipped with 4 padded seats. It is good for 4 persons if they don’t want to stretch their bodies, however good for 2 to 3 persons who want to enjoy the full bubbly massage. In my opinion, it is good for 2 to 3 persons.

Its diameter is 71 inches and it is 28 inches deep. It is extremely easy to set up this hot tub. First of all, you’ll have to set up the insulation mat on a flat surface to place it. Place your tub on the mat, connect it to the inflation system and the hot tub will inflate all by itself. It just takes about 10 minutes. Then use a water hose to connect it to the water system. It takes about 30 minutes to fill it up with the water.
The dimensions are 71 x 71 x 28 inches and it weighs around 58.0 pounds while the shipping weight is 66.0 pounds. It can hold 184 gallons of water.

After that, start its heating system and let the water heat up. You should do this before a night so you don’t need to be worry about it. If you want to quickly heat up the water, you can add hot water to the tub manually using any other source. Don’t forget to cover the hot tub while heating system is on because it will prevent any heat loss.
When the hot tub is ready, unzip it and there you go. You can also use the chlorine to keep the water fresh, clean and algae free.

It is equipped with 110 jets that create amazing amount of water bubbles. You can easily reach the control panel that is connected to the hot tub. You can turn on and off the bubble jets easily without stepping out of the hot tub. You can also control the heater and inflation system through the control panel.

All in all, it is a great deal and you’ll surely enjoy it.

Strong and durable.
Extreme comfort level deal.
Easy to operate LED control panel.
Good material used.
Don’t buy if you’re looking for an economical.

Final thoughts

So, there you have them! We have just reviewed the top 10 inflatable hot tubs available in the market in 2019. These products are great from the medical point of view as they relax you. And they also bring utmost fun, joy and amusement.

Remember, not everyone can afford to have hard hot tub built in their home. Built-in hard hot tubs can cost upwards $15,000 to $25,000. In such a situation, hot inflatable tub is the best and affordable alternative bringing the same comfort and luxury.

Well, there is no comparison between the costs of two; an inflatable hot tub costs you around $400 to $1000 while you have to pay much more for a hard hot tub. You can also save money that you spent on hot baths outdoors. One of the major advantages of these hot tubs is portability. You can wrap them and carry them wherever you want. You can also take them to your new home in a new city or state. It also becomes a focal point for the family activities in the backyard. You can enjoy a weekend with your family or friends. Nothing brings more happiness than a family or friends reunion.

If we read reviews about any product, we see both the negative and positive reviews because all the products vary according to the desires and choices of people. However, the main aspects associated with the hot tubs are durability, maintenance issues and the operating system.

As far as the heating time is concerned, a few will heat up the water in less time and on the other hand, few models will quickly heat up the water. However, we can’t compromise on the material used to build the hot tub. Well, nobody wants a leakage in the hot tub. Since these products are pretty large so you don’t need to take them out for repairing or using taps and glues to stop the water leakage.

Over and above this, nobody wants to buy a product that doesn’t produce the desired results. You must also look for the bubble creation system carefully in this respect. In addition to that, you must also look for warranty period. Remember, the company who builds quality products offer extended warranty.

However, you don’t need to worry about those above mentioned issues as far as these top 10 hot inflatable tubs are concerned. You can trust us and buy any of these and we guarantee you will enjoy an amazing, joyful and healthy bubbly massage.

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